Why Do You Need A Cat Scratcher?

By Admin on July 2, 2017 in Scratching

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Scratching is a natural cat behaviour. If you are trying to train your cat to not scratch at all, you have doomed yourself to failure. Having claws is a vital part of a cats physical health and scratching is good for keeping the claws healthy and trimmed. It is a bit like trimming your own fingernails, scratching removes dead layers of nail to expose the healthy claw.

But keeping your cats claws healthy is not the only benefit of a cat scratcher. Scratching also allows a cat to stretch its back and shoulder muscles, and relieves stress. All of these allows for a healthy and happy cat. It is also a natural habit for cats as a way to mark their territory and give a warning to other cats that this place is occupied. Not so much an issue for indoor only cats, but that doesn’t mean that the natural instinct goes away.

So if a cats natural instinct is to scratch, then you want to provide a place for them to do it. Why? Well, I can guarantee they are going to do it anyway, and if they don’t have a scratcher, it will most likely be done on your curtains, couch or carpet! So the ideal resolution to this problem is get a cat scratcher and train your cat from an early age that this is the place to scratch, not your couch.

Whether you are looking for a scratching post for the first time, or wanting to replace a tired, well scratched one, there are numerous options available these days to suit all styles, sizes and budgets! And trust me when I say your furniture (and your cat) will thank you.